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Foshan Chencun Town Tan Village found 2 2 covid-19 infected people who came to Foshan to seek medical treatment from other provinces

On the evening of July 24, 2 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia were found in Chencun Town, Shunde District, among the people who came to Buddha from other provinces. (Beihai-Guangzhou South) Arrived in Tan Village, Chencun Town, and the nucleic acid test results of the two were negative on July 22 and 23. On the afternoon of July 24, the two went to the fever clinic due to throat discomfort and fever, and the nucleic acid test results were positive. Combined with epidemiological investigations, clinical manifestations and laboratory tests, both personnel were diagnosed as confirmed cases and have been transferred to designated hospitals in a closed loop. Close contact, sub-close contact and the key sites involved have been put under control.




Post time: Jul-29-2022