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Foshan stainless steel inventory statistics on May 13

On May 23, the total inventory of new-caliber Foshan stainless steel was 233,175 tons, a decrease of 6.5% from the previous period, of which the total amount of cold rolling was 144,983 tons, a decrease of 5.58% compared with the previous period, and the total amount of hot rolling was 88,192 tons, a decrease of 7.99% compared with the previous period. The total stock of old-caliber Foshan stainless steel was 204,972 tons, down 4.62% from the previous issue, of which the total number of cold-rolled stainless steel was 135,114 tons, down 4.11% from the previous issue, and the total amount of hot-rolled stainless steel was 69,858 tons, down 5.59% from the previous issue.





Post time: May-24-2022