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On the morning of August 9, meet at the 2022 “Credit Foshan, Brand Stainless” Forum

On August 7th, the beginning of autumn, Li Qiang, executive chairman of Foshan Metal Materials Industry Association, went to Hong Quan, chairman of Hainan Deyuanxin Industrial Co., Ltd. (chairman of Hainan Stainless Steel Industry Association), at the tea room in Midea Huawan City, Chencun Town, Shunde District, Foshan City. , and exchanged topics such as the stainless steel market trend after the autumn of 2022.

President Li analyzed that the stainless steel processing industry in Foshan is still overly focused on traditional products such as stainless steel decorative tube sheets, stainless steel water pipes, equipment pipes (commonly known as industrial pipes), pipes for urban pipe corridors, stainless steel wall panels, stainless steel guardrails and even stainless steel roofs And other emerging application products, all need to continue to expand their thinking. It can be observed from the aspects of factory building, equipment, scale, brand, marketing, especially terminal market expansion, etc., the national brand effect of many excellent Foshan products still needs time to continue to strengthen.




Post time: Aug-09-2022