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Why is 316 stainless steel more expensive than 304? Master: These differences are not clear, no wonder they are always pitted

Have you ever noticed that we have a lot of numbers in our lives? These numbers represent different meanings and give our lives a different direction.

For example, for the tableware we often use, we will find that in these stainless steel tableware, there will be a different label, which is 304 and 316, and what do 304 and 316 mean? In fact, many of us are familiar with room 304. Many of us know that 304 is food-grade stainless steel, so what does 316 mean?
Why is 316 stainless steel more expensive than 304? Master: These differences are indistinguishable, no wonder they always get scammed!

Let us tell you the specific differences between 304 and 316. They are actually all use levels, but they are slightly different in some aspects, and their prices are also different. Let's take a look at the specifics.

1. Ways of use
First of all, the direction of use is different, because 316 and 304 have different strengths of stainless steel, so we generally use 304 at home because domestic stainless steel does not have too high strength, but it is used in medical or military use. 316, because stainless steel for medical or military use requires high strength.
The same 304 stainless steel is actually more resistant to corrosion, so we generally choose this material to make pots and pans at home.

2. Different pricing
The other is the price, because they are used in different directions, so the price is slightly different.

3, contains different elements
The elements they contain are different. We know that 316 contains more molybdenum than 304 stainless steel. However, even if he differs in the elements it contains, it is difficult for us ordinary people to tell the difference.

Who can tell with the naked eye what elements it contains? So basically what the merchants mark, we believe that what he marks is 316, we think it is 316, and what he marks is 304, we think it is 304. So this also gives a lot of opportunities for unscrupulous businesses.
They may use the cheaper 304 material as the more expensive 316 material, but it is difficult to tell the difference if we usually buy it, and we will not test it specifically for this product. Is it 316 or 304?

In fact, the material of 316, we use less in tableware, mainly because of its high cost, many people are reluctant to use this material to make tableware, this material is generally used more in the field of military industry .
The 304 material cannot withstand very high temperatures, so it is difficult for us to use the 304 material in the military field.
In fact, most of the products we use in daily life are 304 stainless steel materials. If you do not need to have too high hardness or heat resistance, ordinary 304 materials are enough to serve meals and vegetables at home.

Post time: Jan-11-2022