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Manufacturer of stainless steel round pipes that provide mass customization

Short Description:

1)Product: welded stainless steel pipe
2)Type: Round pipe, square pipe, rectangular pipe, embossed pipe, threaded pipe and customers’ requests available.
3)Grade: AISI 304, AISI 201, AISI 202, AISI 301, AISI 430, AISI 316, AISI 316L
4)Standard: ASTM A554
5)Product range:
round pipe: O.D. form 9.5mm to 219mm;thickness from 0.25mm to 3.0mm
Rectangular&square tube: Side length from 10mm*10mm to 150mm*150mm, thickness from 0.25mm to 3.0mm
Embossing pipe: O.D. from 19mm to 89 mm;thickness from 0.25mm to 3.o mm
Threaded pipe: O.D. form 9.5mm to 219mm;thickness from 0.25mm to 3.0mm
6)Length of tube: from 3000mm to 8000mm
7)Polishing: 600 grit, 240 grit,180 grit, 320grit, 2B,gold, gold rose, black, HL, Satin, ect.
8)Packing: every tube is sleeved in plastic bag individually, and then several tubes are packed by weaving bag,which is seaworthy.
9)Application: flagpole, stair post, sanitary ware, gate, exhibition rack, automobile exhaust pipe, sunshine rack, billboard, steel tube screen, stainless steel lamps, stainless steel kitchenware, balcony armrest, road armrest, anti-theft net, stair armrest, product tube, stainless steel bed, medical cart, stainless steel furniture,ect.

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We follow the management principle of "Excellent Quality, Excellent Service, Excellent Position", and we are dedicated to China Decoration 201 202 304 316 430 410 stainless steel pipes, and sincerely create and share success with all our customers. those who are interested. We firmly believe that our solution is right for you.
China's most professional stainless steel pipe supplier, polished stainless steel welded pipe. We can meet the diverse needs of domestic and foreign customers. Warmly welcome new and old customers to consult and negotiate. Your satisfaction is our driving force! Let us write a brilliant new chapter together!

How to maintain the surface

Seamless stainless steel pipes have the following properties: stain resistance, non-polluting food, hygienic, clean and beautiful, ideal for household products.
In addition, seamless stainless steel pipes are resistant to peeling or cracking and are not affected by normal home use conditions.
Daily Cleaning will provide seamless stainless steel tubing products to maintain their performance and maintain the look of everyday use.

Food stains/burnt food
Use a mild cleaner and pre-soak in a hot cleaner. Use synthetic balls and a fine abrasive. Repeat if necessary and clean as usual. Tea and coffee stains are washed with grout or premium household cleaner, hot water and a synthetic cleaning ball, then launder as usual. Use alcohol or organic solvent for fingerprint pretreatment marking. Clean as usual.
Wipe off excess lubricant, grease and oil with a soft paper towel. Pre-soak in warm detergent. Wash the watermark/lime scale as usual, prolonged soaking in a 25% vinegar solution will loosen the deposit. Continue cleaning up food stains.

Undiluted bleach. Rinse immediately with plenty of water. The best way to clean seamless stainless steel pipes daily is to use soap or a mild detergent, soak it in warm water, and wipe with a soft cloth or artificial sponge. Wipe dry in hot water with a soft cloth and dry. Sometimes households use cleaning balls and fine synthetic balls or nylon bristle brushes.
Severe stains are usually removed after a few days of daily cleaning. Also pay attention to the stainless steel square tube.

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